MPP Tim Hudak’s response to sex education concerns

PTP Education

Thank you for contacting me with your concerns regarding the proposed sexual education curriculum. As a father, I understand and share your concern with what is appropriate learning material for our children in the classroom, especially in the primary grades.

And as an MPP, I have a VERY different view of what our education priorities should be than the Wynne Liberal Government. As Leader of the Ontario PC Party, I brought forward a very different plan that focused on raising the bar in mathematics, science and literacy skills.

Quite frankly, if I had a quarter for every parent who suggested to me that a top priority for our schools was reforming sex education, I wouldn’t have enough money to make a single phone call.

Right now, my biggest concern with education in Ontario is that our test scores in international competitions in areas like mathematics are slipping, badly.  For me, this is a sign that academic standards are being watered down and that for all of the money spent on education, not enough of it is going to our kids

If our kids are going to compete with the students from Japan, Korea, Germany, the States or even other provinces,  for the jobs of the future we need to raise standards especially in math, science, literacy and measure our results. I believe we need to inject financial literacy into the curriculum to reflect the modern economy. And we should also be doing far more in the skilled trades, which have dramatically faded in emphasis but remain in high demand.

In fact, I oversaw an entire paper on the matter that you can find here: PTP Education

However, if the government is dedicated to sex-ed as a top priority, then I believe there needs to be full consultation with the most important education experts in Ontario, the mothers, fathers and guardians of children across the province.

Not only should every parent or guardian have the opportunity to provide their input on this subject, the survey results should be made public if the government wants to be open and accountable.

I appreciate you contacting me with your concerns. I will certainly continue to push for a more open consultation process on this very sensitive issue. More importantly, I will advocate for a different and more sensible set of priorities for our kids’ future success.