Hudak calls out Liberals for grabbing Ontarians’ gas savings

A new carbon tax being created by the provincial government is just a way for the Liberals to snatch any savings Ontarians may see at the gas pump, says Niagara West – Glanbrook MPP Tim Hudak.

“Just when Ontarians are getting a break at the gas pump, the Liberals are going to take it all back through a carbon tax which will heavily impact on fuel costs,” says Hudak. “And we all know the tax will still be there when gas prices go back up.”

The carbon tax, which the Liberals have confirmed they will introduce in the spring budget despite election promises otherwise, is simply a way for the Liberals to take the money Ontarians are saving on lower prices at the pump to fuel their own spending priorities instead of the priorities of families, says Hudak.

Hudak added it’s not just the price of gas that will go up with the new tax. Niagara West – Glanbrook residents will be paying more for home heating fuel such as natural gas, oil and propane while the cost of groceries, clothes and all consumer goods will go up because the tax will drive up production and transportation costs as well.

Hudak has long argued for restraint on government spending to reduce government debt and lower taxes to spur consumer spending, business investment and job creation. This new tax will achieve none of those objectives.

Despite being heavily criticized by the Auditor General for their out of control spending, the Liberals continue to spend at a rate that puts Ontario on a path to triple the province’s debt. This new tax will simply fuel that spending spree and put Ontario further down the path to unmanageable debt, says Hudak.

Hudak is asking residents to join him in opposing this new tax and let the Liberals know it’s unaffordable and unfair by signing a petition against the introduction of a carbon tax.

The petition is available to sign at Tim Hudak’s Constituency Office, 4961 King Street Unit M1, Beamsville (the No Frills plaza) or can be downloaded at You can also sign an online petition at