TORONTO – Urgent action and a new path are required to get the more than half a million people who are out of a job working again so they can afford to build better lives and a better Ontario, PC Leader Tim Hudak said today.

“Ontario needs to get back in the business of being in business. To do that we need bold leadership to vigorously push forward a proven jobs plan to reignite our economy and get people working again,” Hudak said. “Government wasted all of last year and took no action to undo the jobs crisis its policies created. I am not prepared to let 2013 be another lost year.”

While Ontario once led North America in job creation, Hudak emphasized the province has now trailed Canada’s average in job creation for six years. Moreover, we’ve lost 300, 000 manufacturing jobs at the same time we’ve added 300, 000 government bureaucrats. “Ontario is on the wrong track when government is the only growth industry. With all our strengths and talents I am not prepared to settle for anything less than first place when it comes to private sector job creation.”

Hudak said his Paths to Prosperity white paper series has set out a clear path toward more jobs, starting with:

  • Significant tax cuts to spur business expansion and job growth
  • An end to unsustainable wind and solar subsidies to make energy more affordable again
  • Free up businesses to create jobs and empower individual workers to advance in their careers by allowing a choice in union membership

“We have a┬ájobs crisis created by a crisis in leadership,” Hudak said. “The Liberals running to be Premier want to keep us on the same reckless path that dug us into this hole in the first place, and the NDP seem comfortable to follow them.

“I am prepared to meet the jobs crisis created head on and lead the way. I want to know from those who want to be Premier why they are willing to say to more than half a million people who are out of work they will not support proven job creation policies.

“Ontario and our people are too important to knowingly continue in the wrong direction.”