MPP Tim Hudak Delivers Food Donations to Glanbrook Community Food Bank

GLANBROOK – Tim Hudak, Ontario PC Leader and Niagara West – Glanbrook MPP, visited the Glanbrook Food Bank on Friday morning to deliver 100 pounds of non-perishable goods for local residents in need.

“I’m pleased to represent a community where kind and generous residents make a priority of helping to meet the needs of those less fortunate,” Hudak said.

MPP Tim Hudak is joined by Glanbrook Community Food Bank Volunteers Ethan and Rodger Elley

The goods were collected earlier this year at Hudak’s annual New Year’s Levees.  As he does at each of his local community events, Hudak asked residents to consider donations in support of local charities.

Hudak also conveyed his appreciation for the work of local organizations, like the Glanbrook Community Food Bank, and their commitment to providing for those in need.

“The Glanbrook Community Food Bank has been providing a helping hand for over 14 years for people faced with challenging circumstances.  It’s organizations like this, along with the generosity of residents, who help serve the neediest of our community.”

“We appreciate Tim usings his local events as an opportunity to encourage these donations, so we can provide a meal for families who could use a bit of help,” said Patricia Stansfield of the Glanbrook Community Food Bank.  “The need for our services continues to grow in our community, and contributions like this help us meet that demand.”

Hudak hosts a number of events throughout the year in Niagara West – Glanbrook, including summer barbeques in Lincoln and Stoney Creek and the annual Hog Roast in Glanbrook as well as his New Year’s Levees.  At each of these events donations are collected and provided to local charities.