niagara-vineyardThis Southern Ontario riding takes in the township of West Lincoln and the towns of Grimsby, Lincoln and Pelham. It also includes part of the city of Hamilton south and east of Glancaster Road, the transmission line, Redhill Creek and the Niagara escarpment.

The riding runs from Lake Ontario in the northeast to the Welland River in the southeast and east to the border of St. Catharines.

The local economy is sustained by light industries and service companies feeding off of the steel industry in Hamilton and automotive industries in St. Catharines. The riding is a mix of urban and rural, with fruit growing, wineries, tourism and mixed farming serving as the economic base.

Population: 111,024

Area: 1,080 square km

Communities: Pelham, Lincoln, West Lincoln, Grimsby, Upper Stoney Creek, Glanbrook.

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